Thursday, October 6, 2011

They'll have to find a new line of work

As disappointed as I am, these two people are one reason why Sarah's decision may have been wise. There has been too much of a media circus around her for the last three years. Hate-filled cable personalities have filled their programs with invectives about her. They trashed her, but couldn't get enough of her. McGinniss is even taking credit on his website for chasing her out of politics. Ha! There went his book sales.

I have had a disagreement with my husband about Tina Fey. It shows you how little I know about popular culture, because I said no one would ever have heard about Tina Fey if she hadn't had her gig imitating Sarah. He insisted that she was a well-known commodity. Whatever the case, if Sarah had run, Tina Fey would have been front and center stage for the next year and half and into the future. No more Emmies for you, no more public adulation. Good by, Tina, and good riddance.

I can't help thinking that some of this media circus went into Sarah's calculations. She realizes that her message -- and we all know what it is -- would simply become beside the point.  We have to keep in mind that Sarah has not only always exceeded expectations, but she also defies them. Thus, the pundits who say she is finished now, has shot her wad, will have no further role, etc. are simply projecting their own desires. Howard Kurtz, who today opines that her role as a serious political broker are over, doesn't get Sarah. If you listened to her words in her interview with Greta last evening, her intention is not to be a power broker. She is going to lead in the "fundamental restoration of America." It is not the political class and its hangers-on on which she has set her sites. She is going to go directly to the people. Go, Sarah, go!

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  1. I hope they find a new line of work, but somehow I think they won't be able to quit her. PDS is an incurable disease.