Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sarah's "Team"

There is a great video over at Conservatives4Palin today. It is an add for "ProjectGOPink," a conservative women's group that will be meeting in Washington, D.C., on November 17-19. Sarah has been invited to speak, but has not yet indicated whether she will do so.

The video was made by Pass Code Creative, which made Sarah's PAC videos, and it has her input all over it. It is another indication of what I think is a conscious strategy on her part. If she had run for president, the media would have made the election all about her. As it is, she is transforming the attention directed at her, diverting it to other conservative women, who will take the next step to getting our country back on track. Sarah is ensuring that the movement to do that is broad-based. She has always said that this movement is not about her; it is about all of us. Remember, she is a team player. Steve Bannon's movie shows how she gave credit to the members of her administration.

Picture credit: MoreThings

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